Advisory (medicine & education)

Dr Harun Badakhshi, MD PhD

Chief Physician

Assoc. professor of medicine at Humboldt University Berlin (Charité)

Director of clinical oncology at Ernst von Bergmann Medical Center, academic teaching hospital of Humboldt University Berlin (Charité)

contact: mailtohb (at)


Consultancy areas


Digital medicine _ Deutsches Zentrum für #DigitaleMedizin

Active protagonists and clinicians are in urgent need for a appropriately working and adapted platform to discuss issues related to the digital health, so far in should serve patients: all is about a contemporary medicine, a medicine that is centered on patients and not on technology, a medicine that is focussed on communication and not on regulations, a medicine that is informative and responsive. These fields may include e-health, m-health, telehealth, telemedicine etc, but, at the end of the day, concerns dignity


Design issues in medicine

: medical design, product design in clinical practices, e.g. patient-oriented design, hospital architecture, topographic spaces in health care: future digital medicine


Design for people, the clip below is an exemple from UK (mereley for acdemic use)

Design for people, another clip from UK (mereley for acdemic use)

Digital humanity: transfer of highly specialized knowledge into the realm of the polyvalent rich media, in order to enhance the comprehension of science, especially medicine: future digital education


Education for poeple in terms of interdisciplinarity. The Digital Humanities Research Theme provides a crossover between humanist and technological methodologies, creating a network of research and collaboration through multidisciplinary scholars, a clip from UK (mereley for acdemic use)


Research on Health care  for non-physicians: management in middle scale hospital, management in small scale clinic, understanding the very core of the health care systems in Germany as such and in comparison to China, India and US. It would be an imperative to understand the system today: the medicine of future




Background: After a long period of working hard, researching comprehensively and teaching intensively at a large academic center in the capital of Germany, namely Charité School of Medicine and University Hospital of Humboldt University Berlin; there is now the right time to transfer over all professional experiences, specific knowledge, and in-depth theory into the real life practices of different medicine-related professions, including physicians, designers, architects, artists. The eighth year in working and doing research as a senior consultant physician is a base for an enterprise of interdisciplinary collaboration with costumers, as they are individuals or, with more emphasis, companies. Today, acting as a chief physician in a large  general hospital allow me to give certain specific recommendation and a comprehensive insight into the most complex social and economic system that challenge generations of professional in economy, politics, education and even in design: The health care system.